The roots of the Vierhaus company lie where German industrial history was written for centuries: In the middle of the Ruhr region.

With his carpentry workshop in Essen, company founder August Vierhaus furnished the interiors of Krupp’s workers’ flats and also received the order for the ornate staircase of Villa Hügel, the private home of the steel baron.

In 1938, his son Karl Vierhaus Sr. took over the company and, together with his wife Maria, steered it through the turmoil of the Second World War.

Several bombs hit the company premises in Essen, and even after the move to Vehlingen on the Lower Rhine, the series of disasters does not stop. On 20 June 1948, the day of the currency reform, the newly built workshop burns down to its ground after a boiler explosion.

Future needs origin

A successful new start is made in Millingen near Rees, where Vierhaus is still headquartered today.

Here a furniture factory is built that can keep up with the rapid pace of growth and the high demand of the years of the economic miracle.

More and more, what has characterized Vierhaus’ DNA for over 110 years unfolds: a clear eye for functionality and product diversity, coupled with inventiveness and a love for simple aesthetics and classic design. The range is growing fast.

The coveted extension tables are now joined by height-adjustable functional tables for the kitchen.

Karl Vierhaus jun. also feels committed to the motto “function meets design”.

After a thorough market analysis, he added coffee tables to the range as early as the 1970s. Later, he was the first German furniture manufacturer to have them finished with Italian marble.

Above all, he set his sights on expansion.

In 1990 he takes over the insolvent competitor “Möbelwerke Ilse” in Uslar, which in its heyday was the largest small furniture factory in Europe.

Form follows Funktion

The fall of the Berlin Wall finally opens up new international perspectives.

In 1994, shortly after the withdrawal of the Russian troops, the first cooperation with a furniture factory in Lithuania is sealed.

Later, Vierhaus also has offices in Moscow, Hong Kong and Cluj, Romania.

The family-owned company deliberately does not say goodbye to Germany as a production location.


With the takeover of EVE Collection, a design table manufacturer from Hennef, another German company was added in 2012.

In the meantime, Arndt Vierhaus, together with his wife Alicia, continues the course in the fourth generation. As a forward-looking and courageous entrepreneur, he has meanwhile united various companies in the furniture, plastics and caravan industries under the umbrella of the Vierhaus Group.

He keeps the roots of the family business in mind just as much as trends, research and innovation:

Vierhaus Group

needs origin!