About us

In our furniture production in Rees, we combine the perfection of traditional craftsmanship with industrial production lines. We ensure the excellent quality of our products through qualified employees and established quality controls, already in the product development stage. For our customers we offer a wide range of furniture and prefabricated components.

We make this possible by processing a wide variety of materials such as solid wood, veneer, glass, ceramics, metal and high-quality imitation surfaces, as well as through a high degree of manufacturing diversity.

As a traditional company, we can count almost the entire German-speaking furniture trade among our customers. Thus we are in permanent exchange with the market and are able to design our products according to the needs of our customers.

Vierhaus - a family company

In addition, with the processing of lightweight panels and entire lightweight panel modules, we have a special expertise in the caravan and motor home industry, which is appreciated by well-known brand manufacturers.

Traditionally rooted in furniture manufacturing, we advanced to become a relevant supplier to the caravan industry at the turn of the millennium. Increasingly, we are establishing ourselves as a system supplier in the areas of living, comfort and safety. Our companies benefit from the unique manufacturing diversity and knowledge transfer within the Group.

From the very beginning, Vierhaus has been in family hands – now in its fourth generation with Managing Director Arndt Vierhaus. As a courageous and forward-looking entrepreneur, he and his wife Alicia Vierhaus are constantly developing the Vierhaus Group to meet the permanent changes of our time. At the same time, they respect and appreciate the roots and tradition of the company: because the future needs origin!

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Because future needs origin
Because future needs origin